You are now halfway through this course. Is the course what you expected? Is there something more you would like to do in class? What have you liked most in class? Least?

We are well past halfway through this course, but let’s not talk about that.

I can’t honestly say that this course is or isn’t what I expected, because I didn’t really have any expectations for this particular class.

I thought it was going to be boring, because HTML and CSS are what I started coding with. I thought I was going cruise through this quarter without a problem, because I’m honestly a jackass who has no idea what she’s doing.

Like, I would really like to go back in time and kick my own ass. I definitely deserve it.

This dumb creative block that is slowly but surely sucking the life out of me is ensuring that I am making very little progress on the school front, and I feel like an over-emotional teenager.

I can’t adult, okay?

Is there something more I would like to do in class? Yeah, I’d like to take a blanket to my classes, because it is constantly freezing on campus. What the hell is that about?

As for what I’ve liked most–it’s probably the atmosphere. Things are a lot more relaxed and calmer than other classes that I’ve taken. Mr. Mark is very interactive when it comes to uses the (one and only) provided computer. He’s gives us tons of really helpful tips, which is all kinds of awesome, because it’s helped me find programs that are a great aid for the work we’ve been doing (or, sometimes, not doing) for class.

Also, Star Wars.

Plus, I think Mr. Mark and Vance are converting me into a Mac user??

Not sure how to feel about that.

As for what I’ve liked least

I can’t think of anything right now, but if I do (and I’m sure there’s something), I’ll be sure to add it.